The Company

The Italian Liner International spa produces more than 35 years food boxes, coming up with new ideas to achieve high levels of quality and purity and satisfying.
Core business is the takeaway box for pizza - punched and erecting synonymous with Italian quality.
The experience in the production of corrugated board always leads to the use of new technologies that require more and more professionalism and expertise, directing the 'company towards continuous investment.

In this area overlooks the new modern undulator with exceptional flexibility, production, excellent training and perfect wave incollaggio.Produce exclusively monoonde: nanoonda, microwave, low wave. With the utmost determination and awareness was adopted the option of investing in a system designed to minimize the consequences of an impact on the environment at the same time elevating the characteristics of the product through a process of:

1. Reduction in the use of starch resulting in a modern conception of the system of bonding

2. Decreased operating temperatures resulting in:
a) energy saving
b) Reduction of atmospheric inputs
c) Significant reduction of the deformation of the cards
d) Consequent reduction of the "stress" induced on the paper and proportional increase of the structural characteristics of the same.

The optimum level of linearity of the sheets together with the structural features already listed, as well as the differentiated mode of strapping and filmatura of pallets, make this product certainly compatible with the most modern requirements of both the cartotecniche scatolifici, that can be reaped advantages, both in terms service and economics of the manufacturing process.